Supporting Business in Africa

Rift Valley African Investments b.v.

The Netherlands / Uganda

tel/fax: +31877844391 

Vested in the Netherlands, present in Uganda and active across Africa since 2007, Rift Valley African Investments is an investment and management company committed to African business.


We are convinced that supporting entrepeneurship in Africa is best way to create sustainable development. We furthtermore believe that plenty opportunities can be found in Africa that can and will deliver both sustainable development and a healthy return on investment. 


Rift Valley African Investments is ready to help businesses across the continent and we are willing to consider all business opportunities. We are currently involved in projects in retail, advertising, distribution, transportation and telecommunications sectors, across various countries in Africa. We support African entrepeneurs from the conceptual phase to a full operational status, but if desired we can remain involved in the (daily) management of the company. At times, Rift Valley African Investments is also engaged to help find financing or other support for African companies in their set up phase.


Rift Valley African Investments also helps non-African companies in setting up profitable business on the continent. We have excellent relationships with African partners in a wide range of industries and in different African countries.


Last but not least, we are always looking for consumer products which can be sold on the African continent and are in need of distribution and salessupport. The other way around, we are willing to consider opportunities for African products in Europe and Asia.


Africa is open for business, we are ready to help.    


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